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Sue Horst

How fun and what memories came rushing back of the camping years. That was the time when money was tight and I would try and talk myself into believing it was a fun time. We were the rough and tumble adventurers who, with giant gas guzzling 4 wheel drive trucks, would wander so far off the beaten path I am not sure God even knew where we were.
Thanks for letting me remember back to that time and realize it was about the friends and family and pets and food and camping luxuries like a portable shower and a rotisserie that ran off the truck battery.
Age has caught up with me and although much of the thrill would not be there today, it would sure be great to sit around a campfire and share a sommore with old dear friends who I have lost contact with.
Thanks for stirring my memory.


Love it, Vic! We really do have years and years of camping memories! I love them all. But have to agree, it's not getting any easier. I see a possible new vacation destination for you and the fam!!!

Victoria Cullen

Dear Sue,
Thank you for your sweet, thoughtful comment! I'm so glad I could bring up some good memories for you! Sounds like you could teach me a lot about hittin' the road and roughin' it :)

Victoria Cullen

Dear Theresa,
Thanks for your comment and for being a part of my life for all these years! So many great memories...You're a true friend - especially to put up with my limited camping skills, lol! What do you think? Should we all get cute little "Shasta" trailers? I'd like mine to be green!...VOX


I cannot wait to see what you bring to camping next year! Too bad Bothe doesn't allow trailers! But, the canvas tent is like what Lisa and Dave have, so that's certainly doable for you! No more orange pumpkin! Hello glam!

Victoria Cullen

Hey Shellie!
I can't wait to see what we show up with either - I just hope it's got the fly on it when/if it rains,lol!
I would love to be able to bring a cute lil trailer...maybe you could distract the ranger so we could sneak one in ;) VOX

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